Hotel Rural Vegetariano en Madrid
What is “La Fuente del Gato”?


La Fuente del Gato (=The Cat’s Fountain) is a vegetarian and raw-vegan hotel located in a magnificent countryside at 45km/28mi from the centre of Madrid. Olmeda de las Fuentes is a little village of 212 inhabitants lying on the south side of a mountain in the only valley of Madrid’s Alcarria. A charming and picturesque place full of light and inspiration for every one of its visitors.

This counrty health accomodation that started off in May 2011 was born from a dream and realized with lots of love and affection. It consists of four spacious double rooms each with its own separate bathroom. We offer a set sampling menu for dinner and a breakfast brunch the next day; all of our food is homemade, organic, vegetarian, raw-vegan and prepared in the moment with lots of love.


This hotel with its spiritual atmosphere of love, wellbeing and emotional and physical care is ideal to come and spend a relaxing weekend to recharge from your busy life and take time to connect with yourself. Or just come to taste our marvelous vegetarian food prepared with very special care and gentle elaboration. Another option to come and get to know us is signing up for one of our weekend courses that have gained reputation for their reliability and quality, offered by exceptional professionals of the well-being and human potential field.


La Fuente del Gato is a very special place where you will feel more than at home due to it’s very close, human and personalized service. We look to all of the little details so that you can enjoy your stay in complete tranquility and harmony.

Welcome to La Fuente del Gato the vegetarian hotel and restaurant where you can taste exquisite culinary treats created with loving care for detail and elaboration and live unforgettable experiences. You will not forget this place, wishing to return soon. It’s a place of peace and leisure, meditation and health, wellbeing of body, mind and soul. It’s not paradise, but it’s close to it...

We speak English and Spanish. You can make reserves from here. We’re looking forward to receiving you!

Hotel Rural Vegetariano La Fuente del Gato (Madrid). Teléfono (+34) 91 8736578